Step Right Up In-School Assemblies

Step Right Up Studio assemblies provide a fun, entertaining learning experience for kids of all ages. Our one hour program consists of three of our specially trained Improv instructors performing some of our signature exercises which help foster understanding of others’ emotions, picking up non-verbal cues as well as what it means to work as part of a team. Audience participation encouraged!!

Program duration: 1 hour

# of Performers: 3

Fee: $750


Step Right Up Studio Workshops

Let Step Right Up Studio's team of Improv instructors bring the fun into your classroom! Two of our trained instructors will show your class about the art of improv, as well as how it can help children understand the world around them a little more. With games that foster teamwork, self-expression and cooperation, our team will have your kids sharing, learning and, most importantly, having a blast!

Program duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour

# of Instructors: 2

Fee: $750 - &850