Workshops @ the Lab


We look forward to presenting the following workshops to you.


Illustration and Cartooning Workshop

Students will learn the basics of drawing. How to create (or breakdown existing) characters to create simple line drawings. The workshop will focus on using visual story telling through illustration and cartooning as a means of personal expression. 1 instructor & 1 assistant. Maximum 6 students.

Stand up Comedy

Young comedians, ages 9 & above can try their hand at writing and performing their own comedy routines. Seasoned comedy veterans will be on hand on this one time workshop to help teach the art of joke writing, and improvisation resulting in getting the act up on its feet. 1 instructor & 1 assistant. 6-8 students.


Kids, ages 9-17,  can Find their Voice in this workshop that allows a child to be heard, not necessarily seen. Working with professional voiceover teachers as well as actors, each child can find their own voice to help them express themself. Cartoon characters, puppets, whatever their muse, we can help find the voice to match. Each class will have 1 instructor and 1 assistant. Maximum 6 students.