Step Right Up Studio

Our Classes

Class and Workshops

All of our classes are centered around the needs of the kids enrolled. Therefore, each class will begin with a sensory "warm-up" and include sensory breaks as needed, for each individual.

All classes take place at:
29 Main Street, Madison, (the rear of the building accessed through the Waverly Green Alley)
There is street parking, as well as a lot behind the studio.

Improv for Social Skills

Improv for Social Skills classes, available for ages 9-11 and 12-14 will focus on teaching kids how to be better social thinkers. Exercises will be centered around expanding expressive and receptive language, reading emotions, reading social situations, looking out for social cues, handling conflict, being part of a team, and working towards common goals. Each class will incorporate sensory activities throughout to keep kids focused and on task. Each class will have 2 instructors trained in our improv program, along with 1 assistant. Class size will not exceed 10 children.

TEEN - Improv for Everyone!

Our inclusive class for every high school kid!!
In this class, kids ages 15-18 we will combine our improv games from our original class, along with new and hilarious games that really stretch our kids creatively. Whether you're new to improv or theater, or doing it for a while, this is a great class to try new things or hone your skills.  All we ask is that the kids come in willing to take chances and try new things!

Musical Theater

A multidisciplinary class for ages 9-12 focusing on singing, dancing, and acting! This is a highly collaborative class, that will focus on team-building through improvisation, vocal performance, and dance technique. Kids will work together to find their voices and explore musical theatre alongside theatre professionals in a safe and fun environment! Each class will have one teacher and one assistant. Class will not exceed 10 children.
Musical Theater will run for 10 weeks, 1 hour per class.

Mommy & Me Music & Play

Sing, Act, and Dance with your little superstar. Students ages 4-6, along with a parent,  will learn songs from the musical theatre repertoire, all the while building confidence, dancing up a storm, and most importantly, having fun! 
Mommy & Me will run for 10 weeks, 45 minutes for class.


Kids ages 7 & above will have fun and find their calm with Miss Patrice.  Students will learn different techniques to help with concentration and focus while building body awareness and encourage self regulation and self esteem.  This class will include a combination of breathing and mindfulness exercises, stretching, yoga poses, sequences, games,and a final relaxation. Yoga will run for 10 weeks 45 minutes per class. 


Kids, ages 9-17,  can Find their Voice in this workshop that allows a child to be heard, not necessarily seen. Working with professional voiceover teachers as well as actors, each child can find their own voice to help them express themself. Cartoon characters, puppets, whatever their muse, we can help find the voice to match. Each class will have 1 instructor and 1 assistant. Maximum 6 students. VOICEover classes will run as individual workshops.  


Creative Writing Workshop

Through improvisation, brainstorming, and creative prompts, students, ages 9-16 will have the opportunity to find their own inspiration as a writer. Working alongside experienced instructors, students will create their own literary works. Whether it be poetry, short stories, or creative non-fiction, young writers will explore the world around them and let their imaginations run wild on paper.  Creative writing will allow kids to express themselves in a safe and structured learning environment, all while learning the tools to make their stories comprehensive, fluid, and imaginative. The goal is to have fun with writing while building literacy skills and confidence at the same time. Each class will have 1 instructor and 1 assistant.

Stand up Comedy

Young comedians, ages 9 & above can try their hand at writing and performing their own comedy routines. Seasoned comedy veterans will be on hand on this one time workshop to help teach the art of joke writing, and improvisation resulting in getting the act up on its feet. 1 instructor, & 1 assistant. 6-8 students.
Stand Up classes will run as individual workshops. TBD

2018 Summer Camps

Find Your Voice! Camp

Week of July 16 & 23, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

In this two week program we will really work with the kids to find their creative voice. We will use art, storytelling, acting as well as some other forums to let the kids Find Their Voice! Class will begin daily with a short yoga/centering exercise and then we will dive into the fun stuff! We will have a snack break before we venture out into town to practice one life skill each day.

Ages 9 and up

Performing Arts Camp

Week of July 30 & August 6, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

During this camp we will start our day with some calming yoga exercies before moving on to some Improv and acting exercises. We will then give the kids a short snack break and venture out on one "life skill" outing each day, whether it be to the bagel store to buy our own bagel, or to the toy store to work on how to speak with a customer service person. Then we will walk back to the studio for some musical theater (this will appropriate for both boys and girls!) and, finally, some sharing time where the kids can talk about what they are looking forward to that week, or whatever is on their minds. This will give the kids a great opportunity to put those social skills practices into their everyday lives!

Ages 9 and up

Single Week Session

Pick a week, any week of our camps. This is a great option for kids who participate in their District's Extended School Year progams.